Kurt M. Polinsky has been a designated member of The Appraisal Institute (MAI, AI-GRS) since 1994 and has over thirty (30) years of experience appraising both residential and commercial properties throughout New York City and the Greater New York City Metropolitan Region.

Kurt M. Polinsky is the President of Diversified Valuation LLC as well as the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner for the Corporation. Responsibilities include developing appraisal reports, client interfacing and development, appraiser training, appraisal scheduling / prioritizing and appraisal quality control.

Diversified Valuation LLC was formed in 2015 subsequent to the retirement of one of the principals, representing a restructuring into an operating LLC.

Kurt M. Polinsky had previously been a principal in Diversified Valuation Group, Inc. where he was personally involved in all phases of the firm’s appraisal processes from the initial client consultation and fee quoting to the reviewing and processing of the final appraisal product.

Systems created and implemented by Mr. Polinsky for Diversified Valuation, LLC included the developing of appraisal formats for the firm’s various appraisal products and clientele, initial training and continuing education programs for the appraisal staff in both the commercial and residential appraisal disciplines and the implementing of internal appraisal review and quality control programs. Kurt M. Polinsky has also developed real estate valuation and loan seminars for financial institutions setting forth procedures and methodologies. He has also assisted major financial institutions in analyzing real estate loan portfolios for the following:

  • Acquisitions
  • Consultation
  • Dispositions
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Estate planning and reporting
  • Estimating loan reserves and litigation support
  • Mortgage origination
  • Real estate tax certiorari
  • Sales

Over the course of Mr. Polinsky’s tenure with Diversified Valuation Group, Inc. he consulted with scores of leading institutions and other clientele on appraisal compliance issues including automated valuation models, restricted appraisals, evaluations, environmental policies and other alternative appraisal methodologies.

The diverse types of properties appraised by Mr. Polinsky include individual cooperative/condominium units, single and multi-family dwellings, cooperative apartment complexes, catering halls, shopping centers, office buildings, factories and industrial buildings, restaurants, subdivisions, specialty use properties, gas stations, marinas, transfer stations, concrete plants, auto repair facilities, hotels, motels, movie theatres, bowling alleys, large estates, wetlands, roller rinks, schools, diners, luncheonettes, bars, parking lots, self-storage facilities, bank buildings, fast food franchises, vacant land tracts, etc.

Mr. Polinsky has also performed on-going review appraisal reports for several lending institutions who lack in-house staffing. Review work has also been performed directly for The New York State Appraisal Board. Another area of expertise is the valuation and allocation of shares associated with the annexation of hallway/rooftop/maids rooms in cooperative buildings.

Mr. Polinsky is a member of the New York City Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, actively attending meetings, lectures, seminars, appraisal workshops and educational classes. Mr. Polinsky has successfully completed all pertinent courses sponsored by the Appraisal Institute.

Mr. Polinsky is Certified as a General Real Estate Appraiser with the State of New York as well as being a New Your State Licensed Real Estate Broker.